Welcome to Winchcombe School

The school is set in a beautiful countryside location that serves to inspire and develop our pupils to become confident individuals. We have a well-developed and extensive careers and enrichment programme that offers pupils opportunities to explore their ideas for the future and experience different places. 


Our motto is ‘Achieving Success Together’ whilst pupils and staff work hard each day to build that success we also have an active and engaged group of parents (94% of said they would recommend the school to another parent Ofsted 2018) along with a dedicated and skilled governing body who contribute to Winchcombe School’s family ethos.


I am proud to be leading Winchcombe School as it grows. We welcome interested prospective parents to visit us and see the excellent work we do on a daily basis – please contact the School Office on 01242 602233 to arrange a guided tour.


School Aims

  • To make Winchcombe School a school of excellence

  • To provide every opportunity for pupils of all abilities to achieve their full academic potential

  • To support every child towards developing fully – personally, physically, socially and spiritually

  • To ensure that every pupil feels safe, supported, confident and happy

  • To build a learning partnership between pupils, parents, staff and governors

  • To make a positive, constructive, compassionate and valuable contribution to the local and global community

School Information leaflet currently in production