Attendance & Absence

Stage 1: The Parent/Guardian

Please telephone or send notification via schoolcomms before 9:00 am on the first day of absence and provide written confirmation for all appointments during school time. We ask for at least two weeks’ notice if you wish to request permission for leave of absence from school. All such term time absences are purely at the discretion of the Headteacher and only in exceptional circumstances. The Attendance Officer will contact home by telephone where no reason has been given for absence.

    • A notification will be sent shortly after the phone call
    • If the pupil is sill absent on the 3rd day of the week we will make contact again
    • After one week a letter will be sent home, after a further week a reminder notification will be sent
    • If no response is received the absence will be recorded as unauthorised on the pupils record

Stage 2: The Head of House

The Attendance Officer and HOH will meet to discuss issues for students in their house groups.

The Attendance Officer will run regular reports on the different cohorts within each house group.

Student attendance will be checked daily and monitored at 8 sessions missed, then 16, then 24.

The Tutor will meet with pupils who have missed 8 sessions of school.

There will be an Encouraging Good Attendance Assembly for pupils who have missed 16 sessions of school.

The Attendance Manager or Head of House and the Attendance Officer will meet with pupils who have missed 24 sessions of school.

For long term attendance issues parents/guardians will be invited to a meeting to discuss ways of improving attendance. In severe cases we will involve our Education Welfare Officer.

Stage 3: Rewards

  • At the end of each half term [6 terms] the Tutor Group with the highest attendance in each House will receive cake on the last day of term
  • At the end of each term [3 terms] the Tutor Group with the highest attendance in the school will receive an additional reward (usually chocolate/sweet based) on the last day of term
  • A percentage attendance report will be run at the end of each term [6 terms]
  • 100% attendance will gain 20 house points, 99% will gain 10 house points, and 98% will gain 5 house points. All these pupils will be issued with certificates celebrating their achievement.
  • At the end of the summer term all pupils in KS3 and all pupils in KS4 with 100%, 99% and 98% will be entered into a prize draw. There will also be a prize draw for pupils with the most improved attendance.

Stage 4: Sanctions

  • Every 3 lates in a term will result in an after school detention.
  • Concerns regarding lateness will be discussed with the Tutor/Head of House. Continued persistent lateness will result in the pupil making up the time lost during lunch and break times. A letter will be sent home detailing the full amount of time missed from school.
  • 20 unauthorised absences in a row or 28 in an academic year could lead to prosecution.
  • The school will send a penalty warning letter for unauthorised holiday and request a penalty notice without further warning, for further unauthorised absences from school.

Report an absence

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Notes & Guidance:

Parents need to register for School Gateway with the same email address and mobile number that the school has stored in SIMS.

If two parents are sharing an email address only one of them can use that email to register for School Gateway.

Once registered a parent will be sent a four-digit PIN which they will need to use to login. This PIN will be sent to the mobile number which they registered with.