Winchcombe School – class of 2019!

Congratulations to all Y11s, today, who have shown commitment and success in their outstanding GCSE results.

In all Core Departments (English, Maths, Science) students exceeded National Averages in the Grade 9-4 measure, including students achieving the highest Grade 9s in English Language and Mathematics.

In English, 78% of students received a Grade 4+, with 11% achieving the very top grades (L7-L9) in English Language and 10% in English Literature. In Maths, 76% of students received a Grade 4+, with 16% achieving L7-L9.

Other successful Departments include: Religious Studies, PE, Music and Drama: in light of national concerns that ‘arts’ subjects are not being entered, Winchcombe is pleased to buck this trend and achieve outstanding results.

Deputy Headteacher, Stuart Clarkson, has said “Our Y11 students worked hard over five years to achieve and in many cases, over-achieve, in their GCSEs. Hard work, focused attention in lessons and working together with staff, have been behind these results. We wish them success in post-16 and future careers.

We look forward to the new term with students (Wednesday 4th September) and further progress next year.”