Tsurumine High School, Tokyo Welcome Party – 25th March 2019



Japanese Welcome Party

The welcome party was a great opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and to make new friends. Before hand, I felt a bit apprehensive about meeting everyone and making friends. However, I soon gained confidence as my Buddy was very friendly and spoke great English.  During the hour, we each rotated around tables speaking to new people each time we moved. Everyone had something new and exciting to share and we all learnt lots about Japan. Hello in Japanese is: Kon’nichiwa and thank you is Arigatō. Furthermore, talking to us helped the Japanese learn English and us to find out all about their hobbies, Family, pets, favourite subjects, and passions. Afterwards, we tried some traditional Japanese snacks. They have a wide range of different flavours and textures including a green chocolate.

At the end of the party, we took lots of photos with the Japanese students and a big group photo with us all waving! Overall, everyone enjoyed the party and are looking forward to spending the rest of the week with the Japanese students in school.

Cora Bolton, Y8. 

Below are a few photos from the evening.