Tsurunime High School, Tokyo school visit – March 2018

Winchcombe School was delighted to welcome back students and staff from Tsurumine School in Tokyo from 26-29th March 2018.

Mrs Playfair would like to thank all students who were buddies this year.

Below is an article produced by Lottie, Ruby, Jess, and Shannon in Year 8 about there experience from the week;

We were very nervous and extremely excited when we first signed up to help the Japanese students. We are delighted we choose to help.

 They arrived on Sunday the 25th of March to England and we met them at school on the Monday to find out who our Japanese buddy was. When the Japanese students arrived we were all very exited to meet our buddies. This was a very good opportunity  to learn a lot more about Japan. All the students were very nice to meet, we also got a chance to teach them how to read English maps and they taught us how to pronounce some Japanese words. They were very kind, teaching us some new words and tasting yummy sweets which they had brought over to share with us. We all had a great laugh and we will all miss them very much. We are glad they all got the chance to come to England and learn more English.

They got a opportunity to learn a bit more about the history behind Winchcombe. And they got to do some sport with Mr Waller. That day we had a great time with our buddies.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Playfair and all the teachers who had the students in their lessons. We all wish them a safe journey home. We will miss them very much and are so glad to have made new friends from Japan.

Below are some photos from the Japanese cultural activities performed for our Y7 students.