Year 9 gain an insight into Languages at University – 7th Feb 2017

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, we, students of Year 9 languages had a speaker come in and talk to us about studying languages at GCSE and beyond. Her name was Laura and she is studying languages at Aston University in Birmingham. She gave us an overview of her course, university life and talked about her excitement about her year abroad as part of her degree. She had just been interviewed for a job in Leipzig, Germany and had been fortunate in securing it as part of her second year of her degree course.

Throughout the talk she discussed the advantages and challenges of studying languages. She mentioned lots of hard work and dedication but with exceptional rewards. Some of the benefits of learning languages were that: you can go abroad for a year for free; you develop good communication skills in your own language as well as a foreign language; you are more employable with language skills.

We were really lucky to have Laura taking time out of her university studies to come to our school. She showed us that learning languages can influence our career opportunities as employers genuinely look for this skill well recruiting. She also described some fun experiences on holiday when she had used her languages.

Overall, the whole of Year 9 really enjoyed her visit and are really positive about learning a language.

By Amy Pryce Jones and Gracie McSorley Y9