The Governors encourage use of the School’s facilities, particularly by local individuals, clubs, societies etc. The School Hall can seat around 200 persons (428 standing), and the school holds a Premises Licence from 9 am to 11 pm every day.

Hirers must sign a copy of the School’s terms and conditions of Hire and where they are clubs with Insurance, must hold an appropriate insurance including public liability insurance cover of £5,000,000.

Hire Charges – (01/09/2016)

Charities and youth groups will receive 25% discount on the prices below.

  • Facility
  • Classrooms
  • ICT Classrooms
  • Library
  • Gym (Including changing rooms)
  • Changing rooms only
  • Hall (for sport use)
  • Netball Court (Including changing rooms)
  • Netball Court with floodlights (Including changing rooms)
  • Football/Rugby/Hockey grass pitch (Including changing rooms)
  • Hire Charge per hour
  • £15
  • £30
  • £20
  • £20
  • £10
  • £20
  • £15
  • £20
  • £35

Where the caretaker is required to unlock or lock up the School, there will be a minimum charge of £30. Please contact the School as multiple lettings on the same night may negate the minimum charge. Charges are due monthly in arrears.

Please click on the link below to book tennis courts via the Winchcombe Tennis Club website;

Hall Charges for Social Functions

  • Hall (6pm to midnight)
  • Hall (10am to midnight)
  • Hall & Kitchen (6pm to midnight)
  • Hall & Kitchen (10am to midnight)
  • Premises Liicence
  • £200
  • £250
  • £250
  • £300
  • £25

A qualified caterer must be in attendance where the kitchen is being used to prepare hot food. A deposit of £100 is required in advance for hall bookings and is refundable after the event assuming no damage is sustained to School property.

All enquiries should be addressed to