School Uniform & PE Kit Information


Please find below the current Winchcombe School Uniform and PE List which includes examples of all the items that are required for your child.


Please ensure you have checked this list before using the link below to order via ‘Universal Uniform’.


New Uniform Suppliers Information

Daywear Uniform


All items listed below are essential and must be worn in line with the school’s uniform policy. Girls are expected to wear either the tartan skirt or the girls fit trousers.

Optional:  In the summer term students are allowed to wear the house polo tops instead of a formal shirt and tie.

Additional: Black or grey socks or black or grey tights for winter. Sensible black flat shoes

 (No trainers/Vans/canvas shoes). Sensible outer coat in sympathy with the school colours of red, black or grey.  (Tabards are provided by the school for all D & T and Food Technology lessons)




Sportswear Uniform

Girls PE Kit
Essential: Girl fit or unisex polo top, mesh skort, plain red socks, girls fit or unisex fleece, shin pads and gum shield, trainer’s and rugby/football boots.
Optional: Tracksuit Bottoms, Sports Hoodie and Reversible Rain Jacket.

Boys PE Kit
Essential: Unisex polo top, mesh shorts, plain red socks, reversible sports shirt, shin pads and gum shield, trainer’s and rugby/football boots.
Optional: Tracksuit Bottoms, Unisex Micro Fleece, Sports Hoodie and Rain Jacket.


It is compulsory to wear full school uniform and sports kit.  A note from parents is necessary if any part of school uniform is not worn for any reason.  All clothing and equipment must be clearly labelled with child’s name. 

A maximum of 3 piercings will be permitted in the ears (studs only) and a single nose stud will also be allowed this year.  Any other facial/tongue piercings, stretcher/plug earrings are NOT permitted due to health and safety.

NO bleaching/partial bleaching or extreme hair colour or style, (including shaved/partially shaved head) and No extremes of fashion or clothes are allowed.