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Dear Parents,

We have reached the end of another term. I wanted to begin by again apologising for the confusion caused by our email technical issues around the circulation of the Ofsted report. We have put in steps to ensure this cannot reoccur.

Social Media Updates

You may have noticed our improved school branding and new website. Want to help keep you up to date on the variety of different things happening at the school. We will be engaging more across Social Media platforms to help you and others keep up to date.

Follow us on social media:

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Important and detailed information will continue to be shared via email or the MCAS app.

Transitions Phase Updates from Mrs Hastings & Ms Beecham

There has been lots of sporting success in the phase which you can see on the Winchcombe School PE Instagram:

  • Eva made the final of the U14’s G4 tennis competition in Swindon at the weekend.
  • The year 7 rounders team have started the season well.
  • Elizabeth has been selected for the U13’s Glos netball satellite academy.
  • Milly and Eva won the U14’s tennis doubles district competition.
  • The Cricket team has also been performing well!

Matilda played the piano beautifully in both year 7 and 8 assemblies in the auditorium demonstrating great resilience and success.

There is a great level of competition in Year 7 and 8 Dr Frost Maths. In Year 7 last week Emily and Albie were vying for first place. At last check Vinnie was ahead in Year 8.

Year 8 tutor groups worked on sustainability initiatives as part of the Enterprise day. Each tutor group chose their strongest idea to pitch to Mr Templeton and Mrs Hamblin. It was a tough decision but overall the pitch from Sudeley was chosen as the winner. This was the judge’s feedback:

Sudeley – Sustainable Cottage Garden – We thought the pitch was excellent, thorough and really considered so many different aspects. From using recycled materials to create their garden to the benefit it could bring students with anxiety and other mental health issues. The idea of giving ex-battery hens a second chance really resonated too. They should be super proud of their pitch.

Cleeve – Remove single use plastic bottles – We think that the number of water bottles in the environment is a real concern and this pitch really tackled that in our school setting. From encouraging students to recycle or use reusable water bottles to the flavoured waters it was a focused and on-point pitch. We also really liked that they considered about the water not being fizzy to protect student’s teeth. Well done Cleeve!

Prescott – Vegetable Patch – We really liked the veg patch idea and thought the idea of using the veg in the canteen was a great one. We really liked that they were focused on reducing the carbon footprint of our school. This was an achievable and on-point suggestion and tied in nicely with Sudeley’s pitch. Well done Prescott!

Langley – Switching to LED lighting – The changing of light bulbs to LED is a really sensible way of trying to save money and help the environment at the same time. This is a great suggestion for us to mention to students to check at home as to the type of bulbs they use there too. Although we have probably mostly moved to LED lights around the school, it is good to raise the issue to everyone at home too! Well done Langley!

Pathways Phase Updates from Ms McGaw & Mrs Shurmer

Lots of students achieving their DofE certificates for completing Physical, Skills, or Volunteering this term. Looking forward to their upcoming expeditions next term.

Students have engaged really well with the assemblies on Resilience and I have heard some thoughtful discussions in classrooms about topics we have raised.

Y9s have been working hard in preparing for their assessments. Y9 finalised their Options subjects; again lots of very sensible and thoughtful conversations about their future plans and how their choices will get them to where they want to be.

Y10s preparing well for end-of-year assessments – lots asking teachers for lists of topics and already well into their revision so we can see them driving for success. Today was the deadline for Y10s to apply for Positions of Responsibility for next year – lots asking about the different roles and showing that they’re investing in their future. They are also getting ready for Work Experience – they’ve been really good at independently getting placements arranged.

Congratulations to Jasmine Phelps being part of the England team for the World Cheerleading Championships where they won gold! https://youtu.be/eSDLs1yvFec

Futures Phase Updates from Mr Haynes

Year 11 have shown fantastic focus on the beginning of their GCSE exams. It has been really useful to be able to meet and eat in the mornings in the Auditorium. Some students have chosen to form study groups others have used the adjoining classroom for silent study.

Breakfast club will continue to run during study leave. All yr11 pupils are welcome to join Mr Haynes from 8:30am for quiet revision and breakfast in the Auditorium.

We have also sadly said farewell to Ms Joyner. She has been a great support to many Year 11 students, we wish her well in her new role at Belmont School.

PE update:

For regular updates of all things sport and PE please follow our PE Instagram @winchcombeschoolpe

We have had a great start to summer sports this term. Attendance to Extra Curricular clubs have been excellent. Both boys and girls have been competing very well in rounders, cricket, tennis and athletics.

Special mention goes to Y7 & 8 cricket teams. Some excellent scores against some very large schools.

Tennis continues to go from strength to strength. Our Key Stage 3 girls teams have won all their matches against schools such as Cheltenham Ladies College and Westonbirt school. The Key Stage 4 boys team have qualified to the next round representing the Cheltenham district after some outstanding tennis in the league matches. Key Stage 3 boys have had some very close matches and continue to play excellent tennis.

Rounders teams have been fantastic. Both Key stage 3 & Key Stage 4 teams have played excellently and winning against schools such as Cotswold & Pittville.

Athletics successes for our Key Stage 4 individuals. Lily & Fred have been selected for the County squads in 100m, 200m & 300m.

A reminder that students in Year 7 to 10 return to school on Monday 6th June at 8.50am. Year 11 students can attend for exams but are more then welcome to be in school every day for support and study.

A busy term ahead with Work Experience, Educational Visits and Sports Day plus a special surprise in store for a year group!

Thank you for your support,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Templeton