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Pupils will be taught computational thinking, Computer Science, IT and digital literacy. They will experience these in Y7, Y8 and Y9 with revision, building on the content
delivered. Pupils are regularly assessed through class tasks, tests and homework to check understanding and inform planning. Students then have the opportunity to
work on areas of misunderstanding (as highlighted through assessments). There are creative opportunities during each year to enable pupils to extend their learning in a
variety of contexts and to develop links between the theoretical and practical elements of the course. Pupils are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge of IT by
being responsible users both online and in other areas of the curriculum. Pupils will be taught to be problem solvers and be able to respond positively to changes in
society. Pupils will experience a range of computer systems and become digitally literate. Pupils will apply and evaluate a range of digital technologies, both new and
unfamiliar. Aim to increase the number of female students choosing to study GCSE Computer Science in KS4.