Project Description



Modern Foreign Languages at Winchcombe School.

Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages at Winchcombe School. Our aim is to encourage all students to broaden their horizons and embrace language learning opportunities.

With the total number of speakers increasing steadily over the past decade, Spanish is currently the 2nd most spoken language globally, opening the door to communicate with the 550 million Spanish speakers of the World.

Compared to many other languages, Spanish is easy because most words are spelled phonetically, which means less time spent learning complicated and confusing spelling rules and a better chance of getting pronunciation right.

English has many words of Latin origin. Spanish, one of the Romance languages, comes from Latin which means some of the words are similar. Since Latin roots are the basis of so many English words, especially scientific and technical words, knowledge of Spanish helps us to expand our own vocabulary.

Spanish speakers are a huge asset for companies to tap into and Spanish speaking countries have excellent business prospects, which makes Spanish speakers more valuable than ever to corporations.

We teach both Spanish and French from Key Stage 3 to Year 11. There are three members of our department:

  • Ms. Beard
  • Mrs. Hastings (who is also Head of Phase)
  • Mrs. Playfair (Head of MFL)

All teach both languages in the purpose built MFL area comprising rooms 22, 23 and 1. All classrooms have projectors, interactive whiteboards and speakers, and we are well resourced with textbooks, cds and dvds. We use authentic materials such as songs and videos from the internet to introduce students to the culture in Spanish and French speaking countries.

We bring language learning alive with games, subscribing to Linguascope. All students have personalised digital access to all textbook resources. All KS3 students can access vocabulary booklets on Sharepoint and GCSE students are given a textbook as well as having independent access to additional resources from the school website. We set all homework on the VLE and upload all test / exam results onto Go4 Schools which parents can monitor.

In Year 7 all pupils study Spanish

In Years 8 and 9 the most able linguists learn French as well as Spanish

Our current Year 7 Spanish Scheme of Work broadly follows Viva 1. Topics include describing family, school, the home, directions and places in towns, hobbies and holidays.

As part of a variety of resources we use the differentiated textbooks in Years 8 and 9


Studying a language at GCSE is strongly advised. With the importance of the EBacc, from September 2016 all students in Year 7 are required to continue one language at GCSE. For students who have already studied both languages there is the choice of either French or Spanish. Continuing both to GCSE is a highly recommended option and several of our students have gone on to pursue their language studies at AS at local 6th form centres.

At GCSE we use the AQA exam board. The key themes are: Identity and culture; Local, national, international and global areas of interest; and current and future study and employment. Our Scheme of Work follows the GCSE AQA textbooks for both French and Spanish.

Our extra-curricular activities have included a Japanese club every for all students in Years 7-11. We are developing our penfriend links with Collège Jacques Brel near Rennes in Brittany, and liaise with the History department to enable students to practise their French and experience French culture for themselves in Year 9. In addition we have led a KS4 Spanish trip to Valencia. We also have a partner school, Tsurumine High School in Tokyo. We were the first Gloucestershire school to lead a trip to Japan in 2017.

Throughout the year we celebrate events such as European Day of Languages and provide further enrichment opportunities such as welcoming visitors from Japan. We are committed to inspiring each student to enjoy the exciting and rewarding experiences of languages by equipping them with the skills to be successful global citizens.