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Physical Education

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  • An inclusive curriculum which allows all pupils to experience the benefits of physical activity by developing fundamental skills which will lead to lifelong participation. The curriculum has been designed to promote a health body and mind. A blend of different sporting topics allow each pupil to experience physical activity as a team member and as an individual.
  • Links are made to the local community by promoting extra-curricular clubs with ambitions of pupils joining sporting clubs outside of the school environment.
  • At Key stage 4 pupils can experience both practical the theoretical elements that Physical Education can offer. During practical lessons pupils will build upon previous learning and develop understanding on a skill and match situation.
  • The PE curriculum is designed to complement the different stages within the year. Sporting topics and activities are taught when the season allows. For example Athletics with the summer term.
  • Cambridge Nationals Sport was introduced in 2018 to allow pupils to access the KS4 curriculum across the breadth of attainment.
    • KS3:

      • Due to changes in GCSE syllabus KS3 topics has been modified. Table tennis has been introduced at KS3 as viable option for GCSE pupils. Athletics and tennis focus in summer term to allow pupils to develop techniques in preparation for KS4 GCSE level. Tennis links have been made with Winchcombe Tennis club to develop links for pupils.


      • Cambridge Nationals and GCSE PE are now options in the same option block to allow pupils to access PE at KS4 easier.
      • Pupils are assessed based upon OCR exam board marking criteria for Cambridge Nationals & AQA for GCSE PE.
      • Resources for both CGSE PE and Cambridge Nationals have been developed with collaboration with local schools and CPD opportunities.
      • Links with local sport clubs has developed creating more opportunities for Winchcombe pupils. For example Winchcombe football club, Winchcombe tennis club and Cheltenham Harriers.