Equipment & Uniform Expectations

Please carefully review our uniform policy for our expectations on uniform and appearance.

Why do we have a school uniform?

High Expectations: A clear dress code sets boundaries and helps students to see school as a working environment.

Security: Uniform makes it easy to spot a stranger and ensures the safety of all students in and around site.

Focus on learning: Uniform reduces many distractions associated with personal appearance.

Equaliser: A sense of equality created by uniforms among students from different socio-economic backgrounds, without the pressure to buy expensive brands.

School pride: The uniform give the school identity and we want all students to take pride in their school and their appearance.

Please find below the current Winchcombe School Uniform and PE List which includes examples of all the items that are required for your child. Our school uniform policy in in the process of being revised to allow for ‘generic’ non-branded items to be worn.

Please ensure you have checked this list before using the link at the bottom to order via ‘Universal Uniform’.

Daywear Uniform

Sportswear Uniform

It is compulsory to wear full school uniform and sports kit.  A note from parents is necessary if any part of school uniform is not worn for any reason.  All clothing and equipment must be clearly labelled with child’s name.

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